Ehrmagerd… Sterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!

The success of the Hubble telescope proves that the atmosphere was intelligently designed to allow for stargazing… Wait. What?

PCG’s Stephen Flurry has done it again with his series The Trumpet Daily! As many of you may already know, Stephen actually has a Facebook page (which is article-worthy in and of itself). Recently he shared on his wall a year-old episode of The Trumpet Daily, entitled “Our Awesome Universe Potential”, wherein he attempts to argue for an intelligently designed Earth. And, as has been already well-established, anytime a CoG brain trust enters the slapdash field of Creationism, much incompetence and hilarity ensues.

As if to demonstrate this, Stephen begins with this howler (paraphrased in the video description): “The more we study and learn about our universe, the stronger the evidence becomes of an absolutely remarkable truth: There is an Author of the cosmos.”

Yes, he said “evidence”. And them’s fightin’ words ’round here. Let’s just take a stab at this “evidence” and see if it bleeds… … Continue reading.

Without Form and Void (Part Two)–The Case Against Gap Creationism and the Plan of God Debunked!

Cool story, bro.

Last time, we looked into the history of Gap Creationism and its various competing creation myths. We saw that proponents of Gap Creationism have largely remained silent regarding the evolving scientific arguments, whereas the wider Creationist community has engaged them fully (if incompetently).

Various forms of Creationism have developed out of this clash between mythology and science. They run the gamut from an utter rejection of science and the adoption of pseudoscience instead (Young Earth Creationism) to a capitulation to science in a re-interpretation of scripture (theistic evolution, etc.). In between are various formulations of so-called Intelligent Design, which is the pseudo-biological counterpart to flood “geology”.

We briefly touched on this latter pseudo-science last time; but, as we shall see, although the Gap Creationism of Armstrongism largely avoids scientific arguments, its proponents cannot seem to help but parrot many of the canards of flood “geology” (Intelligent Design seems to be far too sophisticated for their stunted capabilities, and, again, that’s not saying much–prominent theistic evolutionists are quite capable of dispatching this garbled pseudoscience). But Gap Creationists are resistant to going into the details of these faux-geological claims too deeply (they don’t bother to mention the widely available counter-arguments, for example) and they certainly seem completely ignorant of the vast wealth of scientific evidence from other fields that contradicts Gap Creationism.

The proponents of Armstrongism have good reason to resist wading into such a controversy. For anyone honest enough to follow the evidence where it leads, a few facts of basic science are enough to put some fatal holes in the Armstrongist creation myth (and, in so doing, absolutely refute some of its most fundamental doctrines). To get a sense of the Armstrongist’s resistance to discussing the scientific flaws in their beliefs (those having to do with the Armstrongist creation myth in particular), I did something kind of fun. …Continue reading…