Get a Clue, PCG!–Your Latest Wandering Star is in Europe.

So, we’ve already revealed that PCG has a high-ranking potential defector in its midst. Eric let it slip last week that an unnamed regional director is covertly asking the kinds of questions that would get a sheep suspended or worse, and that this pastor’s flock is in the eastern hemisphere. Well, he has done it again! Perusing the comments, I found Eric’s loose tongue doing more of its scandalous work. Apparently, the regional director in question can be found discreetly waffling in the northern hemisphere! Take the northern hemisphere, divide by the western hemisphere, and subtract “the Asiatic hordes”. That leaves Europe. So…

Are you still here, Locher? Saranga? Amos? Flurry, Jr.?…Campbell (you’re not dead yet?)? You know who your quarry is now: consider this your Christmas present!

Go get ’em boys…Let the witch hunt begin!

…Oh, for fuck’s sake, you morons. His name is Matthew Robinson. Do we have to do all your work for you?

Now, go! Dispense Yahweh’s wrath.